Thursday, May 29, 2008

Car Marker Rendering

This was done back in my college days. It is part of a story board.
Back then I wanted to challenge myself on drawing cars with color markers.
Well, it's not as easy as it seems compared to figure drawings...


Another few earlier works of mine.
The ideas for these characters came from many sources and
I like to experiment characters with different elements.
Pencil with ink applied. I might redraw, redesign or maybe color them in the future.

The Trio

Here's some of my earlier work.
I was inspired by some characters from a local comic book and redesigned with my own style.
It was drawn with pencil and cleaned up with an ink pen.

My Sister's 21st Birthday

Another drawing for my lovely sister who has turned 21 this year.
This is another technique study as well as to get myself use to the tablet.
This piece is bit faster than the previous ones done with the tablet.
Overall I just want this piece to be simple and nice!

Happy Mother's Day

Publish Post

This is done quite recent for Mother's Day.
Here I'm trying out some new techniques which I adopted from some of the famous manga artist.
It took me quite sometime on this one as I'm kinda new towards drawing with Wacom tablet.
Nevertheless, I've tried my best.
By the way, this illustration is done by me and the layout is designed by my wife.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fish Sketch

Welcome to my first posting.
I'm sharing this drawing as a start. By the way, this is done several years ago for a card design. Enjoy!